9 reasons to celebrate your coffee addiction

Coffee gave Natalie Herder and her father a boost when they ran the San Luis Obispo half marathon. Photo courtesy of Natalie Herder.

Biology resource and agricultural engineering freshman Natalie Herder had trouble completing her workouts and runs without feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

However, once she began drinking coffee before physical activity, she saw great improvement in her stamina and her exhaustion.

“Drinking coffee before the half marathon allowed me to run the whole course without feeling drained,” said Herder.

Coffee is one of the most popular consumed drinks among individuals; however many people do not know the proven benefits that coffee has regarding ones health.

Recent studies have found nine health benefits of coffee consumption:

1. Adds a boost to your workout

The effects of caffeine consumption were examined before resistance exercise performance by researchers who published a study in 2016 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The results showed that coffee and decaffeinated coffee plus caffeine improve performance during resistance exercise.

2. Could help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease 

Coffee may have the power to lessen neurological disorders, according to researchers who published a 2016 study in a food science journal.

In fact, Parkinson’s Disease was the most commonly reported disease to find improvement through coffee consumption.

3. May lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Coffee was found to have the ability to possibly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, as claimed by researchers who published a 2016 study.  The antioxidants in coffee may decrease the oxygen species which could help reduce Alzheimer’s Disease.

4. Could improve your overall mood

Middle-aged men that drank three to four cups of coffee a day found their depression to be reduced, according to researchers who studied the effects of coffee in a recently published nutrition journal.

“Coffee appears to improve cognitive function and decreases the risk of depression,” said Dr. Marc Lavin, chief of staff at West Hills Hospital.

5. May reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee were associated with a reduced diabetes risk, as stated by researchers who published their study.

In fact, the researchers found that consuming six cups of coffee per day lowered the risk of type 2 diabetes by 33 percent.

6. May lessen body fat

Researchers studied 84 healthy subjects and found a decrease in body fat. The subjects consumed two different coffee blends, yet both of the blends lessened the subjects body fat.

Moreover, coffee contains substances that influence the regulation of hunger and satiety hormones in addition to increasing energy expenditure, according to the researchers who published their study in the journal Food Research International.

7. Acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-atherosclerotic

Coffee may have the ability to prevent inflammation, carcinogens, and atherosclerosis, said researchers of a recent study published in the journal Trends in Food Science and Technology. 

Researchers of this study also noted that coffee contains many antioxidants and polyphenols which promote overall health.

8. May reduce the risk of stroke

One to three cups of coffee were linked to a decreased risk of stroke, according to researchers who conducted seven studies which included 442,098 participants and 6,962 stroke events.

9. Is good for your liver

Coffee may have the power to protect alcohol induced liver damage and alcohol induced hepatic inflammation, stated by researchers who published their study in a food science journal.

“Studies have shown that coffee may protect against liver disease, including liver cancer,” said Dr. Lavin.


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