IMG_3527Simply Health’s mission is to advise college students how to maintain a healthful lifestyle by informing them about ingredients in foods they relatively eat. Positive benefits as well as negative outcomes of certain ingredients are explained. Another aspect of this blog is to provide fitness motivation and information that is quick and easy to accomplish even through a busy week of school.

Simply Health targets college students to help inform themselves about how to live a healthier lifestyle by providing simple, easy, and obtainable ways to make it possible in college.

Jessica Sharpe is the creator of Simply Health. She is a first-year journalism major attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Because she struggled finding ways to maintain a healthful lifestyle in college while living in the dorms, she began educating herself on simple and easy ways to make her healthy vision possible. As an advocate for clean eating and fitness, she aspires to educate her viewers regarding these topics. Jessica is intrigued by finding nutritious and delicious foods that are obtainable while living on campus. Fitness has become an essential part of her daily routine at college. Going to the gym, going on a hike, or going for a run around campus has helped her deal with the many stresses of school. She lives by the motto, “Let your inner beauty shine through healthful living.”


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